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Bloober Team, the Polish studio behind such titles as Blair WitchObserver: System Redux, and Layers of Fear has a new horror game dropping next year, called The Medium. In the game you play as Marianne, a medium (hey, that’s the name of the game) who can travel back and forth between the real world and the spirit world. The spirit world is a dark twisted version of reality that is shaped by a person’s rawest and most powerful emotions like fear and anger. Marianne is investigating an incident at the Niwa Hotel, where the game takes place. Today though, Bloober Team revealed something not many expected: a new, second playable character in The Medium.

This new character is nameless as of now. Bloober Team said his name will be revealed when the time is right, which leads one to believe that his name holds some level of importance in the story. In the trailer we can see this mysterious figure is mad at someone, or something, and is planning something sinister and violent in the process. The character is based off of the Polish actor Marcin Dorociński, one of the leads of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit.


Two worlds, two characters, and two monsters

During this new character’s sections, deeper and darker parts of the spirit world will be explored. Not to mention another type of creature joining the picture. The only creature we have seen so far was The Maw, the entity chasing Marianne. Bloober Team says that as you play through this character’s portions in the story, it will tie directly into Marianne’s investigation. It is even possible that these characters do not exist in the same time period as well — a real mystery.

The Medium was already looking like a slick, creepy, atmospheric horror adventure, and this surprise addition just furthers the intrigue that it has on display. The Medium releases on January 28, 2021 and you can head to the game’s official website to pre-order for Steam, the Epic Games Store, or the Microsoft Store. The site is currently offering 10% off pre orders before the game’s launch. Also, if you pre order for Steam you will receive a digital artbook as well as the game’s soundtrack, which was worked on by Akira Yamaoka. That being the same musical maestro who brought his talents to the original Silent Hill games by Team Silent.

Kevin Carignan
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