The RiftBreaker Xbox Game Pass

Yet another upcoming release title will be added to Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch. According to a recent blog post by developer Exor Studios, The Riftbreaker will be added as a day one title to Xbox’s vast library of games with Game Pass.

The Riftbreaker is an upcoming base-builder action RPG from Exor Studios that will take you to a distant alien planet called Galatea 37. You’ll play as Captain Ashley Nowak, whose mission is to prepare the planet for human colonization. Naturally, the aliens aren’t too enthusiastic about humans invading their home planet, so you’ll have to fight through thousands of creatures using your multipurpose mecha-suit.


In the world of The Riftbreaker, you will explore four different biomes, each with its own set of challenges to overcome. The planet of Galatea 37 is also filled with wildlife, greenery, and natural resources, all of which provide essential materials for building a powerful base. The game also makes use of ray tracing to establish a dynamic day and night system, in addition to detailed and accurate shadows. While The Riftbreaker will initially release as a singleplayer title, the developers plan to add co-op at a later stage. Co-op will likely arrive in the form of a free update when the mode is finally ready.

Get a small taste of The Riftbreaker

If The Riftbreaker sounds like your type of game, you can download and play the free demo PC demo through the Microsoft Store. This free demo also acts as a prologue to the main game. It will take you back in time and prepare you for the events of the main game’s story.

The RiftBreaker Xbox Game Pass


Xbox Game Pass has been constantly adding day one titles to its library. The Riftbreaker may be worth checking out later this year if hack n’ slash combat and base building is your thing. The Riftbreaker will launch for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass this fall.

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