The Texas expansion for American Truck Simulator will go out of this world

Spacex Starbase In American Truck Simulator

SCS Software is continuing to rev up the engines of the upcoming Texas map expansion for American Truck Simulator. In the latest dev update, the team revealed that the state’s growing space industry will be a key feature of the new scenery. The expansion will proudly show off rocket launch pads, assembly plants and more in rich detail.

Aside from just simply admiring the towering monoliths of infrastructure that the various Texan space centers have to offer, virtual truckers will be able to handle jobs to and from these bases of operation. For instance, SpaceX’s Starbase (cheekily named ‘Starbay’ in-game) will be featured and visitable. Considering this is located at the very southern tip of Texas, nearly right on the Tex-Mex border, it shows just how much of the state is being squeezed into this expansion.


So, you wanna go to space?

“From delivering goods for the employees to construction materials,” players will have a major role in the construction and operation of Starbay. In addition to this, the surrounding Boca Chica village near Starbay is also going to be featured on the map for players to drive through. NASA’s famous Johnson Space Center in Houston will also have an in-game model, complete with replicas of the site’s famous fixtures such as the Space Shuttle.

Nasa Johnson Space Center In American Truck Simulator

Even though these iconic locations won’t feature their real-world “SpaceX” and “NASA” branding, the fact that they’ll have accessible and accurate in-game models shows just how dedicated SCS scenery designers are to their attention to detail.

Texas remains one of the largest scenery projects that SCS has ever undertaken. There will be a lot to enjoy when it launches. On that note, the studio is still keeping hush about a launch window. But, like a real rocket launch, it will release when the time is right.

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