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There were very few courses at the university level that I genuinely enjoyed. Most of them had nothing to do with the major that I had chosen. Of course, those classes consisted of the study of things like the study of the Olympics and the introduction to art appreciation. This was all due to the course in underwater basket weaving being canceled for the semester—but I digress.

Universities these days have incorporated more relevant courses to reflect changes in technology and trends. I’ve even seen some adopt classes in esports management as an option to their business management programs. One college in California is currently offering a course to study writing as it pertains to video games as a medium.

California State University of Player 1

Obviously, that’s not the real name of the university in this article. The school is part of the California state school system, though. Located in Sacramento, California, the university offers a semester-long exploration of “The Rhetoric of Gaming.” It also satisfies the prerequisites required for graduation as it satisfies the “Writing Intensive” requirement for students.

Thems fightin’ games

You might be surprised that there is actual course work involved in the class. You’ll have to respond to topics in an online discussion board, exploring many topics within video games and their communities. Some of the required reading includes “From Noob to Vet – Gaining Membership in Gaming Communities” and “Ready. Fight! – Arguments in Gaming communities.”

If anything, this provides someone who is unfamiliar with the culture an opportunity to explore topics about something they might not otherwise have explored. For someone like me, it might have prompted me to go to class more often than I did consider the material might have been something I was a little more invested in (I’m still bitter about that underwater basket weaving course).

If you’re planning on attending California State University-Sacramento in the fall of 2019, English 120R needs you. Or depending on your graduation requirements, you may need it.

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