September 5th, 2017

Tim Schafer comments on recent Peter Molyneux and GODUS events

Tim Schafer comments on recent Peter Molyneux and GODUS events

In his latest Broken Age update, Tim Schafer gives his thoughts on the treatment of Peter Molyneux by the press.

The Peter Molyneux criticism has died down this past week following the spate of interviews concerning GODUS development but Tim Schaefer has chipped in with his own comments in his latest Broken Age update.

Schafer “sends his support” to Peter Molyneux commenting on the “rough treatment” of Molyneux on the Internet and in the press. Schafer says:

“I think it’s unfortunate, unfair and I don’t think it’s healthy. Obviously things did not go as expected with his game, and because of that people are making some nasty accusations about Peter and I can really relate to that, believe it or not. I’m not saying that developers like Peter and I shouldn’t be responsible and accountable to deadlines, I’m just saying the reaction to recent events and the tone of the reaction is really way out of proportion to the seriousness of the events themselves.

“I think it’s clear that the problems Peter is having are not unique to him, and in fact they happen on many if not most projects.”

Schafer and the team are working on their documentary for Broken Age which they hope will let gamers and backers understand what goes into making a game.

In our podcast this week we debated this very topic and Tim Schafer and his ambitions were part of that discussion. While not everyone may agree, I believe that there has been an overreaction to the Molyneux events over the past two weeks. Molyneux had mentioned that he and his family had received threats following the the interviews being posted online and it’s unfortunate that gamers try and tackle issues like this with such extreme measures. Schaefer is right in saying that it’s unhealthy and the tone of some of the questions was uncalled for. Not all of the questions, just some of them.

Molyneux and 22Cans need to be held to account for the state of GODUS but they have stated numerous times in the past month that development will continue. They have not taken the money and run which is more than can be said for some projects we’ve seen on Kickstarter or Early Access.

Let’s just hope that all the negativity surrounding the events of the past couple of weeks can be put to one side and 22Cans pull their finger out and get the PC version of GODUS up to speed.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • DrearierSpider

      Death threats are never okay, but Molyneux has been over promising and under delivering for over a decade now and veteran devs like him should be able to properly manage the funding and deadlines of an indie title. And Schaffer shouldn’t be one to talk, being far and away the biggest Kickstarter screw up ever (in gaming, at least).

      • Paul Younger

        I do agree that Molyneux makes some outrageous claims and promises but he has also delivered some great games in the past. He needs to regroup and start actually releasing great games, on budget, and on time. I’m just not sure that working as an indie developer suits him which could also be why this has been a cock-up.

        • Norasuko

          Molyneaux delivered some truly great games we all grew up with, but that’s a far away past now. He’s at that ‘Die Hard point’ where his screwups and mediocre releases are as numerous as his accomplishments right now.

    • a qt fedora

      No shit they can relate, Tim also did the same and only delivered half of what he promised, and at first even wanted original pledgers to buy part 2.

      • DrearierSpider

        Delivered half of what was promised with 9-10x the funding no less.

        • Martin

          Actually what he promised was an oldschool adventure, and Broken Age is anything but ‘classic’.

    • Nick G.

      Tim should get as much shit as Peter does, but his journo friends will never touch him. He is a part of the cool san-fran sjw kids crew.

    • David Warschauer

      can’t we just get alan wright to remake populous 3? dungeon keeper and syndicate both have hugely promising remakes almost done. if molyneux simply cannot do his past titles justice, someone else needs to step up, rip him off and do his games right!

    • ehcmier

      The thing about the death and rape, burn, pillage threats, is they have to reach a certain level where they go beyond what is actually common on the Internet, damn near everywhere. I’ve been driven off of my favorite forums not by assholes going too far with personal threats, but those assholes not being handled by moderators/administrators, and the productivity and fun plummeting across the board.

      • Norasuko

        Yeah, anyone that’s anything on the internet has received threats of all kinds already. It’s a card you can play when you feel like getting sympathy. Like when you fuck up a big kickstarter promise for example.

    • Norasuko

      Well, once you get funded on kickstarter the money is on the bank. Everyone that backed agreed on the risks of entrusting you that money, so the one and only consequence for screwing up is losing your reputation.
      I mean, I know these guys are all friends and want to support each other, but that kind of reaction is precisely what Molyneaux wagered when he started on the project.