Titanfall Is “Exclusive Only, For The Life Of The Title, On Xbox One, And Xbox 360, And PC.” says, EA.

EA has confirmed that those wanting a PlayStation 4 port of Respawn Entertainments upcoming mech shooter are going to be disappointed.

During a financial call EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen said, “It’s exclusive only, for the life of the title, on Xbox One, and Xbox 360, and PC.”

Despite Blake saying this, Respawn’s co-founder, Vince Zampella took to twitter to say that Titanfall –though probably not the first in the series – could still come to PlayStation 4.

When asked would Respawn make games for the PS4 in the future, he replied “Yes, just not the frist Titanfall.” A further question got thrown at Zampella asking “does the new announcement regarding Titanfall exclusivity to Xbox mean the Titanfall series or this release?” to which Zampella replied “Just this release.”

So there you have it. Titanfall could come to the PS4 at some point, there just aren’t plans to bring the first one to Sony’s upcoming console.

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