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Back in May, Embracer Group acquired three gaming studios formerly owned by Square Enix, including Crystal Dynamics. Shortly after this purchase, Embracer expressed an interest in releasing sequels and remakes for the IPs that these acquired studios developed. This naturally includes Tomb Raider, the classic series that came back in full force in the 2010s thanks to Crystal Dynamics’ critically acclaimed reboot trilogy. With this news, it seemed inevitable that Embracer would publish the next Tomb Raider installment. But as it turns out, the new Tomb Raider will have Amazon Games stepping up to handle publishing duties.

A recent press release states that Amazon Games and Crystal Dynamics have teamed up to produce a new multiplatform installment in the Tomb Raider series. This game, which currently has no official title, serves as “a single-player, narrative-driven adventure that continues Lara Croft’s story.”

It will supposedly boast all of the aspects of the series that fans love, which include rewarding exploration, complex puzzle-solving, and combat against all sorts of dangerous foes. Additionally, the game will make use of Unreal Engine 5, a fact that Crystal Dynamics actually revealed back in April.

The next Tomb Raider is big new project for Amazon

Both Crystal Dynamics Head of Studio Scot Amos and Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartmann expressed enthusiasm over the companies’ partnership. Amos specifically stated that Amazon Games shares Crystal Dynamics’ “creative vision, ambitions, and values for a Lara Croft universe across the spectrum of possibilities.” Meanwhile, Hartmann felt “honored” to work with Crystal Dynamics and play a part in continuing Lara Croft’s story.

This new Tomb Raider installment represents a major push by Amazon to delve into the gaming business. Other titles that Amazon Games has attached its name to include Smilegate’s action RPG Lost Ark and Bandai Namco Online’s upcoming 2023 RPG Blue Protocol. Whereas Amazon Games’ past work had a focus on multiplayer, the new Tomb Raider will serve as the company’s first narrative-focused single-player title.

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