Final Torchlight: Infinite closed beta to begin next week

Torchlight Infinite closed beta Lean Phantom tentacles

Fans looking for one last opportunity to test out developer XD Game’s upcoming loot-based action RPG Torchlight: Infinite can attend its third closed beta in a few days. This beta will begin on September 4 at 10 PM EST and end on September 18 at10 PM EST. So, you should get quite a bit of time to grow accustomed to the game’s various features. Even though its “closed beta” label may suggest otherwise, the test will be open for everyone to try, which means players can jump in simply by downloading it.

Naturally, this upcoming beta will feature quite of bit of additional content over the previous betas. For instance, you will have access to a new hero named Oracle Thea, and several additional story levels and bosses await for you to tackle. These story levels contain “new geographical features and monster populations,” and the final chapter specifically will throw quite a few challenging bosses to overcome at the very end.


Experimentation is key

Additionally, the closed beta will include a total of six classes as well as “24 talent trees and more than 240 skills.” Players can customize their playstyle by picking three skill paddles from the game’s various classes and heroes and utilizing support skills to modify their main skills, which can be done five times total. With so many skills at the your disposal, the game never requires one specific strategy. Repeated area-of-effect attacks, moves that steal enemies’ health, and hordes of loyal pawns represent just a few of the tools that you  can use to clear objectives.

If any of this interests you, then you can visit the official Torchlight: Infinite website next week and download the closed beta without jumping through too many hoops. Just maybe, by the time the final game releases, it will turn out at least a little better than how Torchlight III did back in 2020.

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