Some images leaked out of EGX show Creative Assembly’s Total War booth, offering hints at tomorrow’s new game reveal. Unfortunately, they are just hints, because somebody took the (rather sensible, I suppose) step of obscuring a lot of the detail and artwork.

All credit for these photos goes to NeoGaf poster ‘Kyonashi,’ who shared them in this thread.

So, let’s have a guess at what these booth shots may indicate. Update: No need to guess any more. It’s Total War: Attila.

total war EGX booth (2)

Well … it’s a man with hair in some armour. Were I some kind of historical armour specialist I might be able to figure out additional information from this. But I’m not. It’s probably fair to say this style of armour rules out Empire 2, though.

total war EGX booth (3)

This image is a lot more useful (to me at least,) because it shows a partial logo. The Total War series tend to switch out the little mounted guy depending on the series (Rome 2 had a spear-man on a horse, Shogun had a samurai, etc.) This looks like a horse archer, which has encouraged speculation about some kind of Total War: Mongols or Total War: Attila.

I’d say that’s a distinct possibility, and it looks more like that than (say) the rumoured Total War: Warhammer game. An Attila-themed, stand-alone expansion would fit the traditional Creative Assembly release schedule of doing a ‘major’ project followed by a Napoleon or Fall of the Samurai.

total war EGX booth (1)

This final one doesn’t add much more, it’s just showing the full length of the booth.

The next Total War game will be unveiled in full on 25 September. Until then, let speculation continue.

Update: New Total War revealed as Total War: Attila

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