Rome 2 gore

No, look, I said “half off.” That’s barely an arm.

For a limited time (until Monday at 10am Pacific Time,) both of SEGA’s major real-time strategy titles of 2013 are 50% off on Steam. That’s Total War: Rome 2 for $30.00 USD and Company of Heroes 2 for $20.00 USD.

Each of these games had a baptism of fire at launch, particularly Rome 2 which released with a barbarian horde’s worth of bugs and other problems. Company of Heroes 2 was a title I actually rather liked, but it was also the first Company of Heroes title I’d played. Veterans of the original weren’t hugely impressed by the sequel, especially the changes made to Commanders and a grind-based unit bonus system.

That all sounds rather negative, but at half price the titles are worth a look. I can’t really speak for the ongoing development of CoH 2 (my review code self-destructed on release day,) but Rome 2 has seen definite improvements. It’s not quite¬†there yet, but it’s a fair bit better than launch.

Apparently the “winner” of this sale will get some additional (presumably free) bits and pieces added to it. But I imagine whatever freebie DLC is planned will come to both games eventually regardless of the sale outcome.

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