July 7th, 2017

Total War: Rome 2 Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack out, currently free

rome 2 nomadic tribes

The Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack for Total War: Rome 2 has launched, offering you three more playable factions for – right now – absolutely free.

Those three factions are the Roxolani, the Massagetae, and the Royal Scythians, all with their own units, buildings, and playstyles. The Roxolani are expert traders that do better in combat when in enemy territory; the Massagetae make more money from livestock and do better in their own territory; and the Royal Scythians are bowmasters who can make money from their high level of craftsmanship. They’ve got a new Military Tradition, new victory conditions, and new… well, lots of stuff.

Considering it’s entirely free for a limited time (from what I can gather it’s only free for the first week, so until 29 October) you’ll probably want to snap this up now.

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