Total War: Rome II (2)

Creative Assembly brace themselves for patch feedback.

Update 2: The second patch is now available in beta form and should fix quite a few things.

The second patch for Total War: Rome 2 that was due to be available in beta form yesterday has been delayed again, this time until … well, it’s not clear, but Creative Assembly says there will be more news about it “later this week.” Instead, we’ve got a beta of patch 1.5. The good news is, this one may fix the lag people have been experiencing in the campaign map.

Here are the notes, fresh from the Total War: Rome 2 forums:

Patch 1.5 Contains one fix:
– Should improve Campaign Map frame rate in the majority of cases for those people with high-end graphics cards combined with mid-range CPUs. Those people who have noted high frame rates in battle but single-figure frame rates during Campaign Map play should see a notable increase in performance.

If you want to opt-in to that on Steam, then right-click Total War: Rome 2 in your games list, select properties, navigate to the ‘betas’ tab, select “patch 1.5” from the drop-down menu and then wait for it to download and apply itself. It is a beta, so you do this at your own risk and all that warning jazz. The “official” and fully tested version of 1.5 will probably appear on Friday.

As for patch 2.0, this is what the developers have to say: “We have taken the decision to move back Patch 2 slightly to increase the amount of fixes included in it. We will have more news on it later this week.”

With patch 1.5 now fulfilling the role of ‘weekly update,’ does this mean the second patch will now be later than this Friday? It’s not entirely clear at this point.

Update: I just tried patch 1.5 for myself and it did absolutely nothing for my campaign map lag issues. The only fix that’s actually helped me is still this one.

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