Trials Fusion DLC trusts you aren’t too rusty

trials fusion dlc

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Professional bike dismounting sim Trials Fusion is getting a first dollop of DLC on 29 July. It’ll be called Riders of the Rustlands and include ten new tracks and some additional track editor options as well.

If you own the Trials Fusion ~SEASON PASS~ (I wish we could add sparkles to words here at IncGamers,) then this upcoming DLC is obviously included as part of that. It’ll be sold separately for £4.00 GBP as well.

Riders of the Rustlands is the first of six(!) DLC releases, because nobody likes getting an entire game up front when they pay for it any more, right? The second one will be dubbed Empire of the Sky and promises “floating islands” and, like Rustlands, some new bits and pieces for the track editor. Both add-ons will have additional track challenges too.

Likewise, the other four will have new tracks, new rider gear and each DLC will have a new Career Mode event. They’ll be called Welcome to the Abyss, Fire in the Deep, Fault One Zero and After the Incident.

Trials Fusion was released on 16 April and still doesn’t have a proper head-to-head online competitive multiplayer mode, although that is promised as a free update at some point in the future. You can see some images from Riders of the Rustlands, below.

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