Trials Fusion

Don’t mind me, just heading into space.

Ubisoft has announced that anybody who pre-orders Trials Fusion on PC (either through Uplay or those ever-popular “other digital retailers,) will get access to a closed beta for the game pretty much immediately. It’ll begin tomorrow, 21 March, and include 14 tracks and a couple of skill games for you to master and/or fail horribly on.

Leaderboards will be up and running as well, so you’ll be able to compare your Trials Fusion abilities to everybody else in the beta. Additional bits and pieces will be added as the game nears its mid-April release date, so you won’t be stuck with the same 14 tracks for too long.

More Trials-ey information is available on Ubisoft’s portal for the game, here.

Trials Fusion is the latest entry in RedLynx’s bikes-plus-physics-plus-competitive-hilarity series and will come with a bunch of new tracks, fancier graphics (“next gen” according to Ubisoft, although that tends to just mean “PC quality” anyway) and a brand new trick system. As is now tradition with a Trials game, there’ll also be a track editor for people to create devious death traps of their very own.

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