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Adorable Zelda-like Tunic is out today, and it’s available for PC Game Pass

A most welcome surprise.

Tunic, the unbelievably cute-looking game starring a little fox in a, well, tunic, is available today. But, in a rare surprise, Tunic is also on PC Game Pass today as a day one launch game. It’s moments like this that help ease the pain of once again living through daylight savings time.

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The news dropped earlier today during the latest ID@Xbox showcase. We got a new trailer, as well as the announcement of its launch and Game Pass release. It’s playable at this very moment, so if you’re a subscriber looking for a colorful and challenging Zelda-like for PC, then wait no more.


I should emphasize the “challenging” part. While I haven’t had the pleasure of trying Tunic yet (I’m still slugging my way through the giants’ area in Elden Ring), our sister-site Destructoid has already dropped its glowing review. Zoey Handley writes that the game draws some inspiration from Dark Souls, such as its tough combat and its world “largely devoid of life.” But the game also received a 9/10 so, toughness aside, Tunic looks like a winner.

Picking up the pieces

Tunic has been a long time coming, so it’s nice to see it out at last and on PC Game Pass. It was first revealed back in 2017, and was showcased often for the Xbox platform. Developer TUNIC Team has been working on it ever since, so the kind words from critics should be nice.

I used to feel like there were no secrets in this game, because I knew all of them — but now that Tunic is done, it’s so validating to see people be delighted by all the things we’ve hidden,” said Andrew Shouldice, Tunic developer, in a press release. “There really is a lot to find, and I hope players feel the kind of wonder this game was inspired by. I’m so very proud of what we’ve created, and I can’t wait for everyone to go out there and explore.”

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