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Turok and Grip highlight free games for Twitch Prime members this July

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A new month means more free games for Twitch Prime members. This July, ten games are available to claim in addition to the SNK classics announced back in May. Of course, we’ve listed everything available this month to make it easy on the eyes and save you time. Note that some offers are only good for part of the month, so claim them soon if they appeal to you. 

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Here’s a list of all the free games coming to Twitch Prime in July:

  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
  • Dark Devotion
  • Kunai
  • Grip: Combat Racing
  • Dear Esther
  • Melbits World
  • Dream Daddy – ends July 3
  • PictoQuest – ends July 10
  • Mad Tracks – ends July 17
  • Reus – ends July 24

As you’ve surely noticed, most of these are indie games and the list spans multiple genres. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the titles Twitch Prime is offering up this month. 

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a remastered port of the 1998 shooter, and a beloved classic. The campaign features a world filled with dinosaurs and tasks you with ending a plot to destroy the known universe. That’s heavy stuff. By today’s standards, the game itself is a total dinosaur too, but it helped to evolve the shooter genre. 

Dark Devotion is a side-scrolling adventure, where the player assumes the role of a noble Templar tasked with discovering the secrets within a mysterious fallen temple. The game features plenty of unique fights plus a unique “blessings, curses, and prayers system” that provides variety to the gameplay. Visually speaking, it kind of looks like a 2D version of Dark Souls at times, so fans of the colors grey, black, and yellow should be satisfied. 

The list goes on

Grip: Combat Racing is as the name suggests, a battle racer somewhat like the Star Wars: Podracer series. Mad Tracks is another racer, which puts players in the driver seat of toy cars and lets them race around on acrobatic tracks. 

For anyone that wants to experience something deep and personal, there’s Dear Esther. This game tells the tale of a widow through letters you discover throughout the journey. 

Does your heart seek to create rather than destroy? Try Reus, which lets you control giant deities and mold the world to your liking. 

twitch prime free games july 2020

Shape mountains and enrich the planet in Reus.

The rest of the games are geared towards younger audiences, which makes them perfect for family-friendly experiences. Melbits World is a cooperative puzzle-platformer for the whole family to enjoy. Kunai is a quirky action platformer with plenty of character and retro style. Picto Quest features logic puzzles with light RPG elements to keep the adventure going. 

Check out all of these games and more on the Twitch Prime loot page. See you next month for a look at what’s new in August. 

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