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Roller Champions, the Ubisoft-led, team-based competitive derby game finally gave a release date after three years. May 25 is when you’re able to get your hands on Ubisoft’s Rocket League competitor. The game was revealed at E3 2019, and subsequently delayed as the developer struggled to finish the game initially.

The original release date was set for 2020, then delayed to March 22 of this year. Roller Champions then received a final delay which pushed the release date back to where it is now. Roller Champions is set to release on PC. Ubisoft also plans on releasing the game for Stadia, though that date isn’t set.


The Roller Champions rulebook of success revealed

Roller Champions is a team-based, co-op sport game set in a roller rink. Skaters do laps, and throw a ball in a goal ring to score points. Lapping the rink increases the score you get from throwing the ball into the goal ring. One lap correlates to one point, two laps gives three points, and three laps awards in five points. Players need to make five points in order to win. The longer you go without scoring, the more dangerous it gets, as the speed increases and the hits from the enemy team get stronger.

The game takes inspiration from Rocket League mechanics, adjusting things to suit human players as opposed vehicles. Passing, tackling, taking your character into the air for style points, these are all ways you will need to play and adapt to be successful in this team game.

The inaugural season for Roller Champions kicks off with a 30-tier battle pass. Called a Roller Pass, it comes with free and premium options, with unlockable skates, helmets, emotes, skins, and more. The game overview trailer shows multiple maps available at launch. There will also be options for a quick match, a ranked match, or a custom match depending on what kind of experience you’re looking to get. Expect some server issues on launch, if we know anything about Ubisoft.

Monetization is Ubisoft’s specialty

Roller Champions is launching free to play, so naturally Ubisoft has a monetization scheme for the game. Expect an in-game storefront where you can spend your hard-earned dollars to get some sweet gamer serotonin. Be aware, though, that even with the monetization system, you are able to have a fully free experience from beginning to end.

Prepare yourself to skate, jump, and, most importantly, work together with friends on the rink next week, as Roller Champions launches for PC on May 25.

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