Unrailed goes free on the Epic Games Store next week

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Epic Games Store users can treat themselves to Lawn Mowing Simulator this week. It’s a game that tasks the player with, well, mowing a lawn. While Lawn Mowing Simulator is a riveting experience for those interested, next week’s free game may interest some people a little more. For the next free game going up on the Epic Games Store, we’ve got Unrailed.

If you’ve ever wanted a co-op game about railroad construction across a procedurally generated world, then this is the one for you. The concept might sound a bit strange, but Unrailed from developer Indoor Astrounaut offers a fun cooperative experience. It goes live on the Epic Games Store on August 4.


Building a railroad one track at a time

Unrailed takes on a simple, block-based style that gives players an isometric view of their railroad. It’s not just about building the train track, though. In fact, the bulk of the game revolves around resource collecting and crafting. You also need to think about how to clear the way for your railroad. There’s a lot of thought that can go into the game, and thanks to the procedural generation, every area is a new one. You’ll see simple forests, deserts, and snowy mountaintops as you progress with the railroad. Plus, as you progress and reach new stations, you can upgrade your train with a new engine or more wagons. All in all, it offers up a varied experience that ends up being quite relaxing. As far as free titles from the Epic Games Store go, Unrailed offers a fairly unique experience.

Unrailed Epic Games Store

Unrailed is a fun co-op game that’s sure to test the limits of your friendship, so make sure that whoever you play with is a good team player. Unrailed will be available for free on the Epic Games Store from August 4to August 11. Act quickly and snag it when you get the chance.

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