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Upcoming news about Sega products often induces a mixture of both excitement and dread, especially these days. Even if Sega announces a new game or bit of content that leaves fans elated, it often comes with some sort of caveat. The recent Sonic Origins announcement serves as a perfect example of this. Although the prospect of playing substantially improved versions of the classic Sonic games left fans’ mouths watering, the baffling DLC chart for the collection sullied the reveal for many. It seems like we might go through this process of mixed anticipation all over again, as Sega revealed a surprise stream that will showcase a new project and air on June 3 at 7 AM ET.

Sega teased this upcoming news on its official Japanese Twitter account, which even labeled the announcement as an “urgent notice.” Notably, Hiroyuki Miyazaki and Yosuke Okunari will appear in the stream. For those wondering who they are, they both played a part in the creation of several classic Sega IPs. These franchises include the likes of NiGHTS into DreamsJet Set RadioPhantasy Star OnlinePanzer Dragoon, and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog.


What does this mean?

With the exception of Sonic, it seems unlikely that any of these franchises will make some sort of big comeback in this live stream, despite Miyazaki and Okunari’s credentials. However, the aforementioned tweet did include an image depicting a chocolate-covered dessert shaped like a Sega Genesis controller, so the stream’s announcement could involve that console’s library in some way.

Ultimately, we will get our answers regarding Sega’s new project the upcoming stream soon enough. It would be amusing if Sega posted this “urgent notice” only for the stream to reveal yet another Genesis collection, but for all we know, it could be something big. Hopefully, Sega doesn’t weaken the impact of whatever it announces with another questionable business decision.

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