Man Of Medan Update

A new update for Man of Medan and Little Hope adds improved UI, new difficulty settings, and increased walking speed

Better late than never.

The Dark Pictures Anthology has been a fascinating experiment for developer Supermassive Games. The studio seemed to strike gold with the horror hit Until Dawn, and it has since released numerous standalone entries in the horror-based Dark Pictures Anthology. Its narrative-based adventures let players make an array of decisions with branching consequences. The Dark Pictures Anthology began with Man of Medan and was followed by Little Hope. Both games saw moderate success, and the developer has now provided an update for players looking to revisit or play Man of Medan or Little Hope for the first time.

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The free update to both games promises “an even greater immersive experience” for players. The updates include new settings for difficulties and QTE warnings, an improved user interface, and faster walking speeds. That should hopefully make it easier and smoother to enjoy a new playthrough. In addition, the update has added new accessibility options like changing the size of subtitles, which should greatly help players.


What’s old is new again

Given that Supermassive Games achieved recent success with The Quarry, and is likely working hard on its next horror project, we didn’t expect an update to some of its older titles. That said, these updates are welcome regardless if you are a new or returning player.

For players looking to try Man of Medan, the updates have provided an even greater bonus. After three years, Man of Medan now has a new chapter called “Flooded” that adds some new gameplay elements as well as new deaths, which you can see during the ending of the game. The next entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, and the end of its first season, The Devil in Me, will release later this year on November 18.

Man of Medan and Little Hope are both available on Steam.

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