V Rising: Hallowed Mountains boss guide — V Blood bosses and rewards

V Rising Hallowed Mountains Boss Guide

While the world of V Rising might be vast, there’s one particular region that’s smaller than the rest. It’s none other than the Hallowed Mountains, a small area just northeast of Farbane Woods. It’s a bit out of the way, but you could head over there to eliminate a couple of targets. Here’s our V Rising Hallowed Mountains boss guide to help you with all the locations of major enemies and V Blood sources in the game’s smallest zone.

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V Rising Hallowed Mountains boss guide and V Blood rewards

Below, you’ll see the map of the Hallowed Mountains in V Rising, as well as the approximate locations of the bosses in the region. They have been numbered according to their recommended power level/gear score listing in the Blood Altar.

One particular tidbit about this zone is that there are fewer enemies, but that also means a lack of options if you need to refill your Blood Pool. Lastly, be reminded that bosses respawn after a few hours have passed in-game.

V Rising Hallowed Mountains Boss Guide 1a

1. Frostmaw the Mountain Terror

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 56
  • Location: Chilling (pun intended) in the northwestern section of the zone near the Waygate
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Ice Nova
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: Scroll

Frostmaw is best dealt with at a distance, as his pummeling melee attacks can squash you with ease. He’s also got a few projectiles and attacks that cause the freeze effect, leaving you open to more damage if you can’t avoid them. By beating him, you’ll acquire the Ice Nova spell, an AoE ability that spreads outward. Likewise, you’ll obtain the Scroll blueprint, just in case you need to unlock more techs from the Study.

V Rising Hallowed Mountains Boss Guide 1b

2. Terrorclaw the Ogre

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 68
  • Location: Frozen Cave
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Arctic Leap
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: N/A

Terroclaw the Ogre is the second Hallowed Mountain boss in V Rising. There might be a few more that get added in a future update, but you can consider him your toughest challenge in this region, at least for now.

He isn’t particularly challenging given that his attacks are glacially slow. However, if you get hit, you’ll be in for a world of hurt. His abilities include an icicle eruption (denoted by a wave on the ground), icicle throws, and a cascading quake that radiates outward. Lastly, he’s got the Arctic Leap attack that will probably one-shot you unless you get out of the way.

V Rising Hallowed Mountains Boss Guide 2

V Rising is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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