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Halloween will finally arrive in a week, and gaming enthusiasts everywhere will undoubtedly want to find some way to celebrate. Quite a few games will come out shortly before that date, but of course, sticking to an old favorite remains just as valid of an option. The gothic, vampiric theming of Stunlock Studios’ V Rising, for example, makes it a perfect game to celebrate Halloween with. Evidently, the developers thought the same, as V Rising has just received a new Halloween update and DLC that adds an assortment of new spooky decorative items to the mix. Additionally, the developers will make V Rising free to claim from October 28 to November 1 on Steam. Anyone who has yet to experience the hit open-world survival game will have a major opportunity to do so soon.

The Halloween DLC, dubbed the Haunted Nights Castle Pack, can also be obtained for free from today until November 7. Once downloaded, players can deck out their castle with pumpkins, stained glass windows, skull candles, and other Halloween-themed items.


Nothing scarier than unpredictability

In addition, the developers just implemented a new server setting to V Rising called Mad Hunt that will add “an element of chaos so wild it makes Chaos Volley look like Regular Volley.” Essentially, this server preset randomizes V Blood locations, V Blood technologies, and V Blood spell unlocks across the map, making for a truly “mad hunt.” The developers didn’t want to frustrate players too much with this feature, however, as they guarantee that players will find specific V Blood technologies before progressing too far.

Alongside the Halloween update, the developers implemented a few balance changes to some of the preexisting spells and weapons in V Rising. These additions and changes should go at least some way toward tiding players over until 2023’s major upcoming V Rising expansion.

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