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There are some more adjustments to Agent abilities in Valorant patch 3.06, as well as some shoring up of defenses around numerous bomb sites. Skye gets slowed down a little, while her initiator counterpart KAY/O gets a small buff. Meanwhile, Jett, the Duelist who cannot be dropped in pro play, gets hit with some significant nerfs.

You can check out all the changes in the complete 3.06 patch notes. Here, I’ll run you through what you need to know.


Valorant patch 3.06 agent changes

Skye was one of the most picked agents during Valorant Masters Berlin. The main reason for this is that she is no longer as reliant on her team to follow up on her abilities. She’s become a solo beast, which is not her intended role. To tone her down a little bit, but not make her as reliant on others as she has been previously, Skye’s Guiding Light now has a slightly longer unequip and windup time. The unequip time is 0.25 seconds longer and the windup time is now 0.3 seconds – up from 0.25. The cost of her Ultimate Ability has also been increased from six to seven.

On the other hand, KAY/O wasn’t seeing much success with his flash ability. So, the duration of FLASH/drives’ windup telegraph has been reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds. As for the right-click windup, which throws a much closer underhand flash, it has been massively shortened from one second to 0.3 seconds. The projectile will no longer make any noise while in flight too. To further bolster the android, the suppressing pulses of his Ultimate Ability will now continue if he is downed while using NULL/cmd.

I’ve heard Jett described as the only Agent that can reliably use an Operator. This is mainly due to her dash ability. The changes in patch 3.06 don’t address this issue, but they do tone her down significantly in other areas. She now has one less Cloudburst to work with. Plus, the right-click attack of her Ultimate is now a one-and-done option. Even if it kills an enemy, the Ultimate will not recharge. However, its damage has been reverted to be the same as the left-click attacks.

Reinforce the boxes

As I mentioned in my preview of the new Valorant map, Fracture, it’s tough to find a spot to defend B site because the boxes are all bang-able. That means that you can shoot through them. Recently, developer Riot Games implemented a change that made it possible to shoot through all Radianite boxes. This has resulted in a few bomb sites becoming very difficult to defend.

So, the latest patch has added some boxes made of sturdier stuff. These changes apply to the B site on Facture, the B site on Icebox, the C site on Haven, the A site on Ascent, and the A site on Bind. You can see images of the changes to the other two sites in the complete patch notes. However, they are not as impactful as the three shown above.

Don’t forget, you can still grab the incredibly sophisticated Zedd skins in Valorant. You will need to pay a whopping 10,700 VP for them though.

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