The Washington State Gambling Commission are being treated to the full Valve experience, as the company missed the Commission’s imposed deadline of 14 October. According to a press release from the state gambling regulator, Valve have committed to issuing a response today.

As previously reported, the WA Gambling Commission recently told Valve to put an end to the transfer of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items through the Steam platform API for the purposes of gambling. The company were given until 14 October to explain to the state regulator how they were “in full compliance with Washington’s gambling laws” or face the prospect of “additional civil or criminal action against the company.”

On that date Valve notified the Commission that they were still working on a reply, and that said reply would be forthcoming today, 17 October. “I am disappointed that Valve Corporation missed Friday’s deadline, but encouraged that they have committed to responding today. I look forward to reviewing their response in detail,” Director David Trujillo is quoted as saying.

Valve are unlikely to make that response public, so whether we get to see that reply (or a summary thereof) will probably be down to the Gambling Commission itself.

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