Valve plans to give other developers access to its Steam workshop premium features soon. Currently, users can create and sell items for Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2, earning a part of the proceeds. Hidden Path will be one of the first developers to use this, CEO Jeff Pobst told Gameinformer  at PAX East that Defense Grid 2 will be using those options for user-generated maps when the game releases this fall.

“Our first step will be to learn from what Valve is doing already on TF2 and Dota2,” Pobst says. “People who make levels will be able to submit them to workshop along with images, video of playing that level, audio or video descriptions of what makes that level fun, and text about that level. The additional info will be available for everyone to see on workshop to help get other players excited about the newly submitted content. Players can then go to the workshop page and up-vote levels that interest them and that calls out content to our attention.” Source Gameinformer 

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