New Vampire Survivors expansion Tides of the Foscari to arrive mid-April

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Earlier today, developer poncle revealed the second major DLC expansion for Vampire Survivors, which goes by the name Tides of the FoscariAccording to a Steam news update, this expansion will introduce players to a brand-new stage, eight additional playable characters, 13 more weapons, seven music tracks, and 21 achievements.  As per Vampire Survivors tradition, the DLC will go for an absurdly low price of $1.99 USD, so you won’t need to save too much at all for this one. Vampire Survivors fans will have a chance to experience the DLC as soon as April 13.

This new expansion will take players through “a continent-sized forest” that houses a prestigious magical school called Foscari Academy. In this school, children of the elite come to train and kickstart their “careers as powerful wizards, indefatigable generals, and expert spies.” One student from each of the Academy’s three houses set out on an adventure into the surrounding forest, home to all sorts of fantastical creatures. The aforementioned Steam news update relays this premise with a heavy dose of sarcasm regarding its originality, or lack thereof.

What else should we expect?

Known as the Lake, the new stage introduced in the DLC follows in the footsteps of Legacy of the Moonspell, the previous expansion, by providing a variety of different explorable biomes. Additionally, the expansion will come with a minor update “that will simply add a new, in-game only unlock for a second batch of the Seal power up.” Keep in mind that downloading the expansion will lower players’ completion rates for their save files, at least until poncle finds a possible fix for this.

The new Tides of the Foscari expansion for Vampire Survivors also comes with an incredibly brief teaser trailer with no gameplay. Since the trailer was released right before April 1, it sports a lighthearted, comedic tone complete with a kazoo buzzing in the background.

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