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As Call of Duty: Vanguard Season Three is just around the corner, Activision has shared a roadmap full of new content. Firstly, new multiplayer maps will arrive in Vanguard Season Three. The first map, Mayhem, is a 1950s movie set with an open roof, and it’s built for fast-paced combat, so it could be literal mayhem. Later in the season, players will be taken to a hidden weapons lab with another new map, named Sphere. A further map that is small in size, expect to be in a lot of close-quarter combat throughout Season Three.

Next, Call of Duty: Vanguard is getting a trophy system. Yes, you read that right. Trophy systems have been in various past Call of Duty titles and are useful in Warzone Pacific. When trophy systems finally arrive in Vanguard, they will intercept frag grenades, sticky bombs, and No. 69 stun grenades. With the launch of Season Three, trophy systems will be available instantly, meaning no unlock is needed like previous seasons.


Vanguard Season Three roadmap details new weapons at launch

A new season means new weapons are on the way. This time, the M1916 will join the Marksman Rifle category. The weapon is described as having a large two-hit elimination range, but it does have some recoil that can be difficult to deal with at range. In addition, the new Nikita AVT is the fastest firing assault rifle in Vanguard so far. As a result of its fire power, you will have to tame the recoil.

The Call of Duty: Vanguard Season Three roadmap didn’t forget about zombies fans. There will be 20 new zombies challenges with calling cards and XP rewards up for grabs. Treyarch has outlined that there will be more Vanguard zombies updates in the future, including round-based maps. You can hop straight into the new content when Vanguard Season Three launches on April 27.

Vanguard Season Three Roadmap Multiplayer

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