walking dead season 2 house divided (2)

Stone cold killers.

Still no release date for The Walking Dead’s second episode of the second ‘season,’ but Telltale are saying a trailer will be released next month. I’d imagine that will coincide with an arrival date for A House Divided.

For now, we just have a couple more screenshots of Clementine in peril. Still, at least she’s not doing any Extreme Sewing like last episode. That was quite harrowing.

Look below, for Clem and Luke’s fun-timeĀ Walking Dead road trip picture album. See! Clem stabbing a zombie waitress in the guts. Look at! Luke trying to stop her going after another walking with an axe. Observe! The two of them with blood on their faces.

Actually, you know what, this is less Clem in peril and more Clem brutalises some zombies.

Daylight breaks on 8 April, has spooky prisons and forests too

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