Wang bam, thank you ma’am: Shadow Warrior meets Saints Row IV

I don’t think this really needs a caption.

Do you own Saints Row IV on Steam? Are you also planning to buy the wangoriffic Shadow Warrior at some point? If that’s the case, your … well, I hesitate to say reward … but your payoff for those two things will be the inclusion of the infamous ‘penetrator’ weapon from Volition’s title in your copy of Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior.

So, there you go. If you’d rather wield a large pink dildo than your regular katana, then that’s a thing you can do. There’s no indication that you have to pre-order Shadow Warrior for this to work, so presumably it’ll be an option for the foreseeable future. If you were to do that, though, here’s what kind of extras you’d get.

Alright, fine, I know you’re all just here to look at pictures of massive pink wangs. No point pretending otherwise. So here you go. Shadow Warrior is due out 26 September.

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    • TonySoprano


    • Kodes

      You know what? I DID think Shadow Warrior was missing the Penetrator.

      There are far too many penises in games lately.