Soulframe Mmo Announced Warframe Developer Tennocon 2022

Developer Digital Extremes, the creators of Warframe, has announced a new MMO: Soulframe. Like Warframe, Soulframe will be a free-to-play open-world game. This all-new IP was revealed during TennoCon 2022 over the weekend with a flashy cinematic trailer.

Soulframe is described as being in early development. Given this, it isn’t too surprising that the reveal did not come with a confirmed release date. For the time being, Digital Extremes has held off on even giving an idea of when Soulframe will launch, so it could still be years away. Don’t be surprised if Soulframe isn’t playable until late 2023 or even 2024. MMORPGs take a long time to develop, and this shouldn’t be an exception.


So what do we know about Soulframe? As with many other MMOs, Soulframe is a fantasy game: expect mystique and magical powers. Also, it will be somewhat of a departure from Warframe. More specifically, the combat in Soulframe is expected to be more grounded and slower paced when compared to Warframe‘s fast action.

Soulframe Game Warframe Reveal Tennocon 2022 Panorama

The big surprise of TennoCon 2022

With its name and the focus on slower action, you’d be forgiven for thinking Soulframe is a Soulslike game. However, creative director, Steve Sinclai,r has gone on record stating that the Dark Souls series “isn’t an inspiration” for Soulframe. That’s not to say some elements won’t be borrowed but at its core, this is something different. There’s a market for a Soulslike MMO, but it’s still nice to see Digital Extremes doing its own thing.

TennoCon is the annual convention for Warframe and Digital Extremes. Its primary purpose is for the Warframe community to meet up and have fun. Although this year’s event was kept digital only and shifted the focus to big announcements. Those who purchased the Digital Pack were given a large variety of items to use in Warframe, including the TennoCon 2022 Operator Suit Bundle.

Soulframe Game Warframe Reveal Tennocon 2022

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