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Bandai Namco is ‘actively working’ on restoring PC servers for Dark Souls games

Jolly cooperation will return to PC in the future.

Developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment have been riding high thanks to the success of Elden Ring. However, PC players who have since wanted to try the studio’s older Dark Souls series have suffered due to the lack of online servers for these games. Thankfully, Bandai Namco is working on the problem.

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Reddit user Relevant-Heart-1751 reached out to Bandai Namco to ask when players could expect servers for Dark Souls to go back online. Bandai Namco responded by saying that it is “happy to confirm that the developers are actively working on resolving the issue in question and re-launching the Dark Souls servers for PC as soon as possible.” This is undoubtedly great news for players that want to play the games online with friends or see funny messages. However, there is still no confirmed date for when this might happen. In the official response, Bandai Namco said, “For the moment, we do not have an estimate of when this is expected to happen.”


The problem is complex

A few months ago, a serious security breach in Dark Souls 3 gave hackers the opportunity to install malware that could let them remotely control the PCs of other players. That same problem was a potential risk for Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 as well. As a result, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware shut down PC servers for the Dark Souls series. Bandai Namco, via the Dark Souls Twitter account, initially said that the servers would not go back online until after the release of Elden Ring.

It’s been a hot minute since that release, so the issue must be a considerable problem for the developers. However, FromSoftware has also been putting development time into a slew of updates for Elden Ring since the game’s release. Among many changes to the game, FromSoftware introduced updates that buffed magic and colossal weapons, added new events to questlines, and gave players a function to keep track of NPCs on the map.

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