Total War: Warhammer II — Beastmen rework and Herdstones guide

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Beastmen tips and tricks for your Total War: Warhammer II campaign

Here are a couple of tips that you can try as the Beastmen during your Total War: Warhammer II campaign.


Nurgle’s Foul Stink

This is what you call “an oldie but a goodie.” The basic premise is that you should be on the lookout for Beastmen characters with a trait called “Nurgle’s Foul Stink” which reduces enemy leadership in the local region. Due to the easy means of increasing the cap for your heroes, you can easily check your pool of characters and increase the cap for a type that has the trait.

Embed all of these “stinky” heroes in one stack, preferably led by a lord who also has perks that lower leadership like Malagor’s passive or Taurox’s “River of Blood.” Once you fight an opposing army, run through your foes and use spells that can make leadership drop. You’ll see entire squads chain-routing as you happily eliminate everything that stands in your way.

Tww2 Bstm Rwk Gd 2a

Easy Favor gains

This one can be considered an exploit, and it’s fairly easy to do. Credits go to YouTuber LegendofTotalWar who, as far as I know, was the first to discover it.

This process involves amassing enough Dread to unlock the instantly constructed horde buildings for your armies. Once you’ve done that, simply recruit any generic lord and demolish the buildings that they already have. Wait for a turn and you should get some Favor back. Boot out that lord and replace them with someone else, then demolish their structures too.

Tww2 Bstm Rwk Gd 2b

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