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Oxyotl campaign overview and progression tips

Let’s talk about Oxyotl’s campaign mechanics in Total War: Warhammer II – The Silence & The Fury.


Oxyotl’s bonuses

Faction Effects Lord’s Army
Visions of the Old Ones: Receive missions to thwart Chaos activity to gain Blessed Spawnings and other rewards. No diplomatic penalties when trespassing.
Silent Sanctums: Unlock these sanctums in any visible region to gain bonuses. “Masterful Ambush” stance – lower movement requirement to adopt and lower detection chance.
Suitable climate: All +50% armor-piercing missile damage for all Skink infantry units. +10% weapon strength for Minotaur units
-25% upkeep for all Skinks and Chameleon Skinks
+1% speed/missile damage and +1 melee attack/melee defense/leadership per experience rank for all Skink infantry units +200% experience gain when fighting Beastmen, Chaos, and Norsca.

Victory conditions

Oxyotl does not necessarily participate in the race for the Vortex. Instead, these are his victory conditions:

  • Destroy the Slaughterhorn Tribe (Taurox’s) faction.
  • Complete five Visions of the Old Ones (hard) missions.
  • Win the Heart of the Dark final battle.

Note: As cited in our feature article, the hard variants of the Visions of the Old Ones missions seem to be bugged. I had already completed the final battle and reached turn 80+, but I’ve yet to actually see these kinds of missions pop up. I kept getting easy versions even though I’m playing on VH/VH difficulty. The issue might get fixed in time for the DLC’s release.

Tww2 Oxy Cmpgd 1a

Starting location and new units

Oxyotl starts Total War: Warhammer II’s Vortex campaign in the Deadwood province, and he has The Frozen City as his capital. Your initial army is comprised of 2x Saurus Warriors (Shields), 1x Chameleon Stalkers, 2x Chameleon Skinks, and 3x Skink Cohort (Javelins). Likewise, you’ve got a Skink Oracle accompanying you.

In terms of new units added by the DLC, you’ve got the following:

  • Skink Oracle – These are powerful heroes since they’re automatically mounted on a Troglodon. They’ve also got a mix of Beasts, Life, Heavens, and Fire spells.
  • Chameleon Stalkers – These shock infantry have “Vanguard Deployment” and “Stalk.” They also have a missile attack with low ammunition, but it packs a punch.
  • Coatl – This flying monster can bombard foes on the ground, and it has a buff that grants “Stalk” to units under it.
  • Feral Troglodon – This lumbering monster can blast enemies with a poisonous attack, and it’s fairly effective against larger targets too.

Tww2 Oxy Cmpgd 1b

Skill picks

Given how often Oxyotl has to go around the map to battle evil, I suggest grabbing blue line perks like “Route Marcher,” “Ancient Cunning,” “Lightning Strike,” and “Gifts of the Jungle.” At ranks 6 and 9, you can pick up “The Enemies Weapons” and “Poisons of the Warp” respectively. The former grants “Daemonbane” ammunition, anti-large magical shots that home in on enemies. The latter makes attacks cause “Slow Death” to drain target HP. Oxyotl will gain these as banners that can be assigned to boost his Skink skirmisher units (i.e., those who wield javelins or blowpipes).

Then, at level 12, you’ll unlock Oxyotl’s unique yellow line of skills starting with “Ancient Knowledge.” It grants +15% research rate, +150 EXP gain per turn for his army, and +1 Sanctum Gems for the Silent Sanctums mechanic. Other skills greatly improve the capabilities of skirmisher units, movement range, ammunition, and more.

For the Skink Oracle, you’ll want “Increase Mobility” to help Oxyotl’s army move around (as long as the hero is embedded). For spells, you could go with “Life Bloom,” “Earth Blood,” “Wind Blast,” “Wild Heart,” and “Telepathic Connection/Comet of Casandora.” If you do want another fighter hero, you can recruit a Skink Chief later. Make sure that these characters obtain “Guerrilla Fighter” at level 7 so they gain “Vanguard Deployment.”

Anyway, let’s discuss a few progression tips for Oxyotl’s Total War: Warhammer II campaign in the next part of our guide.

Tww2 Oxy Cmpgd 1c

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