Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Rakarth Monster Pen Unit Unlocks Guide

Rakarth is a new legendary lord for the Dark Elves, and he’s part of a free DLC (FLC) obtained via the Total War Access website. Here’s our Rakarth campaign guide to help you with his opening moves, unique campaign mechanics (the Monster Pen), and various tips for your Total War: Warhammer II playthrough.

Note: Please be reminded that this guide is based on a Vortex campaign run on very hard (VH/VH) difficulty.


Total War: Warhammer II – Rakarth and The Thousand Maws campaign guide

Beastlord Rakarth of Karond Kar is the most fearsome Beastmaster among all the Dark Elves of Naggaroth. Atop his Black Dragon, Bracchus, he unleashes ferocious creatures that swarm and consume his foes. The character is even voiced by Iwan Rheon (who played the sadistic Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones).

In-game, Rakarth leads The Thousand Maws faction, though he does have an opportunity to confederate with Karond Kar. Anyway, I’ve split up this Total War: Warhammer II Rakarth guide into multiple parts, so just click on the pages for the mechanics that you need help with:

Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Rakarth Monster Pen Unit Unlocks Guide Feat 1

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