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Taurox campaign overview and the basics

Let’s talk about Taurox the Brass Bull’s campaign mechanics in Total War: Warhammer II – The Silence & The Fury.


Taurox’s bonuses

Faction Effects Lord’s Army
Rampage and Momentum mechanics to earn rewards “River of Blood” effect in regions after winning battles (stacks up to 3 times). This effect lowers the leadership of enemy armies.
+10% weapon strength for Minotaur units
-25% Dread cost for increasing the unit caps of Minotaurs, Minotaurs (Shields), and Minotaurs (Great Weapons) “Bloodbeast” ability. This is an explosive attack that lowers leadership and burns opponents.
Juggernaut Raiding stance

Victory conditions

Taurox does not necessarily participate in the race for the Vortex. Instead, these are his victory conditions:

  • Start your turn with 500 Marks of Ruination.
  • Destroy the Ghost of Pahuax (Oxyotl’s) faction.
  • Complete the Heart of the Dark final battle.

Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Taurox Guide Slaughterhorn Rampage Momentum Beastmen Rework 2

Starting location and new units

Taurox starts the Vortex campaign in the Shadow Wood province near Venom Glade and Clar Karond. His starting army is comprised of 1x Gor Herd, 2x Ungor Spearmen Herd, 1x Ungor Raiders, 1x Harpies, 1x Minotaurs (Shields), and 1x Ghorgon. Likewise, you’ve got a Bray-Shaman (Wild) accompanying you.

In terms of new units added by the DLC, you’ve got the following:

  • Doombull – This generic lord a lot of buffs for Minotaur units. Since the Beastmen are able to use Dread to recruit other legendary lords, and because you’re already playing as Taurox, it’s a bit much to field another one. You’re better off sticking a Gorebull hero in Taurox’s army. If it has “The Vast, Unending Warherd,” then Minotaurs will be able to cause terror to hostiles.
  • Wargor – This is a new melee hero that can provide additional buffs and support capabilities to an army. I wouldn’t necessarily add this fella to Taurox’s army as you’re better off with Gorebulls.
  • Tuskgor Chariot – These can scythe through enemies, but they can sometimes get stuck as well.
  • Ghorgon – This is a powerful monster unit that can easily crush foes. Likewise, it causes fear, terror, and it can regenerate its HP while in melee. Taurox starts the campaign with one of these behemoths which makes most fights a breeze.
  • Jabberslythe – This serpentine monster may have cost a few Charlemagnes to create, but it’s worth the wait. It can reduce enemy leadership, and its arcing attacks poison lots of enemies.

Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Taurox Guide Slaughterhorn Rampage Momentum Beastmen Rework 3a

Skill picks

It’s a good idea to pick blue line skills for Taurox such as “Gargantuan Hooves,” “Lightning Strike,” and “Foul Premonitions.” These will definitely help since you’re often on the move and you’re relying on quick ambushes. He’s also got unique perks like “Juggernaut,” “Titans of the Deep,” and “Gorefeast.” The last one practically turns the Minotaurs in your army into absolute killing machines thanks to buffs to melee, leadership, charge attack, and health regeneration. Eventually, you can also pick up “Orgy of Slaughter” and “Bloodcaller.”

As for the Bray-Shaman (Wild) that’s with you, you’ll want “Bestial Surge” (AoE passive that adds charge bonus and vigor), “Bray-Scream” (conal spell), “Viletide” (AoE explosion), and “Savage Dominion” (summons a Cygor).

Anyway, let’s discuss a few campaign progression tips in the next part of our Taurox guide for Total War: Warhammer II – The Silence & The Fury.

Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Taurox Guide Slaughterhorn Rampage Momentum Beastmen Rework 3b

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