Warzone assassination bug enables kills before matches begin

Warzone Assassination Bug Pre Game Lobby

Call of Duty: Warzone Season Five introduced an array of new content into the battle royale. The addition of new weapons, game modes, weapon tuning patches and more have switched up the dynamic of the game. However, the new season has not been short on bugs and glitches, surprise surprise. The latest bug discovered involves assassinations taking place in the Warzone pre-game lobby, which causes problems when dropping into Verdansk.

While everyone loads into the game, you get placed into a pre-game section of the map with weapons. Usually, this allows players to warm up before dropping into the battlefield. Now, a bug is causing chaos, resulting in players being eliminated before they can deploy.


Pulling off an assassination in the Call of Duty: Warzone pre-game lobby can be deadly

A clip of the bug was posted on Reddit, which lets you kill an opponent before a match. As you can see, a player gets executed just before the countdown clock reaches zero. After, the screen shows the kill cam and fades to black when the match is starting. Therefore, they are not placed in the plane and do not get to drop into the map. Instead, the game treats it as a death and they have to wait to respawn.

The bug happened in the Clash game mode. Thankfully, this means that they were able to respawn and still play the match. If the bug occurred in the regular battle royale mode, the player could have been sent straight to the Gulag. At the time of writing, developer Raven Software has not responded to the pre-game lobby assassination bug in Warzone. The bug could become problematic if it crops up in other modes. To keep up with any bugs and glitches that the developer is working on, you can visit the official Warzone Trello Board.

Apparently getting executed at the correct time during pre-match can cause you to die as soon as the match starts. from CODWarzone

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