Warzone Pacific update balancing perks

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season Two introduced a range of new content, and Raven Software continues to improve the battle royale experience with regular updates. The latest update balances perks in Warzone Pacific to unlock even more possibilities. As many perks were originally intended for multiplayer, Raven Software has made changes to make them more viable in the context of a battle royale.

An example of this is the Scavenger perk, which worked best in smaller areas. Now, players with this perk equipped will be able to see Scavenger pouches outlined in cyan, and they’ll have 40 more seconds to pick them up. Also, a pouch now provides an extra armor plate. Quick Fix is another perk intended for multiplayer, but it has been made stronger in Warzone Pacific. Using an armor plate now regenerates your health. As a result, you should be able to get back in the action much quicker.


Next, the recharge time of Restock has been reduced from 50 seconds to 25 seconds. At the same time, the stim has a 60 second timer attached to it. Thankfully, this should remove returning issues such as the infinite stim glitch. Moving on to E.O.D, it now aligns with the Season One decision to raise the amount of damage lethal equipment deals. The cap on explosive damage was raised from 80 to 200 and damage reduction has gone from 35% to 45%.

Keep it moving

Finally, Ghost received some much needed changes. Its effect will only apply if you are moving. If you take a look at the mini map arrow representing your operator when Ghost is equipped, you will see it fading when the effect is active.

This may not be the last perk balancing update we see in Warzone Pacific. Raven Software has teased that these changes are only a taste of what is to come in Season Three.

Warzone Pacific update balancing perks

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