Warzone Pacific weapon balancing and bug fixes

The two recent Call of Duty games need some work. Both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific have seen their fair share of stability issues, bugs, and more. Activision recently provided a statement promising fixes. Changes have now begun with Raven Software rolling out a patch. The latest Warzone Pacific update mainly focuses on some much needed bug fixed. Also, the Katana, of all weapons, has received a buff.

Over the life span of the battle royale, players have found ways to get under the map and inside of walls. Thankfully, the developers keep fixing these issues across Caldera. Another important fix has been deployed involving Big Game Bounty contracts. You will now earn UAV and Advanced UAV rewards when you are in a vehicle or an anti-air gun. Stability issues have been addressed, including menu flickering when joining friends, as well as private lobby hosts crashing. The final bug that has been squashed is an issue with reload animations, which allowed some weapons to continuously fire.


The Warzone Pacific update has seen a melee weapon get a buff. The Vanguard Katana has had its damage increased from 135 to a huge 150. Additionally, the standing charge range has been increased by 36.5% and the crouching charge rate raised by 17%. Lastly, the move speed when using the Katana has been decreased by just 2%. With the amount of damage that the weapon can now deal, it will have a devastating effect on your opponents.

More Warzone Pacific bug fixes are to be expected

This update is just the beginning of improving the state of Warzone Pacific. After all, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Season Two has been delayed in favor of focusing on deploying more fixes. Therefore, we should expect further patches to roll out in the very near future. Season Two is now expected to make its debut on February 14.

Warzone Pacific Bug Fixes

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