Warzone Battle Pass Vanguard Weapons

As Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s first year is drawing to an end, Warzone fans are looking forward to one thing: Vanguard integration. This will see the debut of a brand new Pacific map, introduce Vanguard weapons to the battle royale and much more. However, the developer has surprised fans by adding Vanguard content and weapons to the Warzone battle pass.

If you log into Warzone, you will notice that 24 additional tiers have been added on to the Season Six battle pass. All 24 tiers are free, introducing fans to content for the upcoming title. Perhaps, the most popular additions to the battle pass are four weapon blueprints from Call of Duty: Vanguard.


Vanguard STG 44 and M1 Garand added to Warzone battle pass

You can now use the STG 44 and M1 Garand on your Warzone loadouts. However, you are unable to customise the attachments, so you have to use the blueprints that are provided. Thankfully, there are two blueprints for each weapon, allowing you to try out different attachments.

You can get your hands on the Bonerattler assault rifle blueprint at tier 24 which has 7 attachments equipped. Then, at tier 64 you will be able to access the ten attachment STG 44. In terms of the M1 Garand, the eight attachment White Obsidian blueprint is ready for you to use at tier 34. Finally, you can add the Heirloom blueprint to your collection once you reach tier 72.

As you use the weapons, you will start levelling them up. Any progress you make levelling up the STG 44 and M1 Garand will carry over into Vanguard multiplayer on release. It is important to note that weapon camos and their challenges are not yet available.

The addition of Vanguard weapons to the Warzone battle pass marks the beginning of integration between the two titles. You can now level up the STG 44 and M1 Garand to get a head start before Call of Duty: Vanguard launches on November 5.

Warzone Battle Pass Added Vanguard Weapons

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