Wasteland 3 Skills Guide Classic Attributes Stats Perks Quirks

Let’s face it, character creation in Wasteland 3 will take you a while. Although you have the means to pick pre-made Rangers, you’re better off making your own. The idea is to start fresh and fine-tune your Rangers’ CLASSIC attributes, perks, skills, and, yes, even their quirks. Here’s our mega guide to help you out.

Note: For more information, check our Wasteland 3 guides and features hub.

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Wasteland 3: Character creation – Everything you need to know about skills, perks, quirks, and the CLASSIC system

This Wasteland 3 explains the core mechanics when creating your characters. There are some very important changes compared to the previous game that drastically alter how you’ll approach this feature.

Firstly, you can only create two Rangers at the start of the campaign (you can follow the pre-made builds or start from scratch). Then, you’ll be able to recruit extra troops once you reach Ranger HQ. There are countless custom characters that you can generate.

In any case, check out each page below for the particular concept you need help with. I’ve also added several tips related to my squad members’ builds:

Note 1: Newly-created characters have 14 attribute points for you to allocate, and you get one point per level-up. As for skill points, you gain 3 points by default per level-up (though you gain bonus points on character creation based on Intelligence).

A perk point, meanwhile, is earned every other level-up. Regarding backgrounds and quirks, these can only be selected while creating a custom character. Lastly, there are no respec options.

Note 2: Your party in Wasteland 3 can have up to six characters. However, you’re always required to have a minimum of two custom Rangers or a maximum of four at any given time. For instance, you could have two Rangers and four unique companions (or four Rangers and two unique companions).

Speaking of unique companions, you should also take a look at our companion recruitment guide so you can build your squad depending on the capabilities of your other party members.

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