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After clearing Wasteland 3′s Ambush Site, you’ll visit the soon-to-be-refurnished Ranger HQ.

Note: For more locations or quests, you can head back to our walkthrough’s main page. Alternatively, you can check our Wasteland 3 guides and features hub.

Wasteland 3: Ranger HQ – Meeting the Patriarch

You’ll meet the Patriarch, Colorado’s leader; Leadership 2 and First Aid 2 provide new dialogue options.

Important: If Jodie Bell survived earlier, she’ll be available after completing one of Wasteland 3‘s main quests.

Wasteland 3 Guide Ranger Hq 1

Control room

You can avoid fighting the servitor bots (Kiss Ass 1/Sneaky Shit 1). Interact with the main terminal and install yourself as “Command.”

The Patriarch and his cohorts will walk in and give you the rundown of your mission; Barter 1 nets supplies for later.

Important: Speak with Marshal Kwon who’ll join you as a unique companion. He wouldn’t want you shooting innocent people in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Guide Ranger Hq 2

Speak with Sgt. Greatski who’ll let you pick up new recruits (aka. custom Rangers). You can use existing templates or create entirely new characters from scratch.

Note 1: You can check out our skills guide and companions guide for related information.

Note 2: You’ll find more people to staff Ranger HQ as you progress further in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Guide Ranger Hq 3

Mess hall

Toaster (Toaster Repair 3) – Toaster Repairman’s Badge (Toaster Repair +1) and a Tarjan Token (usable once you reach The Bizarre).

Wasteland 3 Guide Ranger Hq 4


The terminal (Nerd Stuff 3-5) lets you access more logs for extra XP.

The corner has a container with a Creepy Doll. There are 15 of these in the game and they grant team-wide bonuses.

Wasteland 3 Guide Ranger Hq 5


The corpse requires First Aid 3 and Perception 3 to examine it. The terminal lets you access a few logs and a container has the Brig Master’s Key.

There’s a prisoner here. You can keep him locked up or you can let him out (Brig Master’s Key or Lockpicking 5). I’ve been informed that letting him go just lets you find a “thank you note” next to a dead body in Colorado Springs’ museum.

Wsl3 Wlk 2 1


You’ll find the Wastelander Refugees and Del Hackett. Your decision here will affect your standing with the Wastelander Refugees faction. This also has a locker that lets you change your custom Ranger’s appearance.

Wsl3 Wlk 2 2

Med Bay

Corpses — First Aid 1-4 lets you examine the cause of death.

Note: The Ranger HQ Vault is also here, but you won’t be able to open it until much later.


Traps can be disarmed (Explosives 4). The container has a Molotov cocktail.

Wsl3 Wlk 2 3


The Slicer Dicer Bot can be repaired (Mechanics 3), but be ready for a fight. You’ll get a Slicer Dicer Self-Assembler (combat deployable) and a Pulse Gun (energy-based assault rifle).

The corpse (First Aid 3) can be examined too.

Note: The garage is where your Kodiak will be upgraded with new plating, weaponry, and other features.

Wsl3 Wlk 2 4

You’re done in Ranger HQ (for now), so follow the footpath to the south. This will take you to Downtown Colorado Springs.

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