What are Shadow Legion Tech Packs in Destiny 2: Lightfall ?

In the latest expansion for Destiny 2, we see Calus’s Shadow Legion equipped with shadow tech. This makes them a more significant foe on the battlefield compared to the other Cabal out there. These hulking beasts are not ones for complex weaponry and sly techniques and would rather just hit everything head-on. The Shadow Legion Tech Packs in Destiny 2: Lightfall are a clear example of this. Easy to equip and even easier to deploy.

What are the Shadow Legion Tech Packs in Destiny 2?

You may have come up against a few glowing orange enemies in the new Lightfall expansion. On death, these enemies drop a swirling orange spike that reaches out to the enemies around them. The Tech Pack is primarily designed to protect the wearer from incoming damage. When the enemy is defeated the pack is dropped and will deploy protecting every enemy around it. These need to be dealt with quickly if you want to stay ahead of the foe.

What are Shadow Legion Tech Packs in Destiny 2: Lightfall ?

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How to deal with Tech Packs

The best approach with these newly buffed enemies is to ensure you take the Shadow Legion Tech Packs down first. The boosted health will make them slightly harder than your regular Cabal. Once dropped, focus your fire on the Tech Pack as it will quickly make your life difficult. The Tech Pack is able to protect a lot more than just one enemy.

They are very easily destroyed with two melee attacks or a short burst from your weapons. Be aware, there can be a lot more than one deployed on a field and they stack. Keep your eyes out for their telltale glow.

Really we should just count ourselves lucky that the full extent of the Pyramids’ power isn’t in those Shadow Legion Tech Packs in Destiny 2. Having your powers constantly suppressed would not be fun. I expect it would be too complex for the Cabal to figure out anyway.

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