What does Supra et Ultra mean in Starfield? Explained

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If you want to add gravitas to a phrase, say it in Latin. For instance, “osculum meum asinum” is a phrase with weight, power, and sincerity. However, it translates, literally, to kiss my ass. Many businesses, groups, and corporations like to slap a fat Latin quote over their organizations to make them sound old and wise. However, most of them are as sallow as my previous example. Starfield has been using the phrase “Supra et Ultra” in its promotional videos, in-game, and for its missions, but what does it mean?

What does Supra et Ultra mean?

Quite simply, the phrase translates to “Above and Beyond.” It is the term used by the Vanguard in Starfield to demonstrate their willingness to do whatever it takes to uphold their beliefs. It sounds a little try-hard to me, but who am I to knock someone’s beliefs? Going above and beyond, or supra et ultra, is what they believe to be necessary to be a true, upstanding Vanguard in Starfield.

What does Supra et Ultra mean in Starfield? Explained

Screenshot: Bethesda

When do you need to know Supra et Ultra?

You will first come across this phrase when you decide to take up Tuala’s offer of joining the Vanguard. This will begin the Starfield quest named Supra et Ultra, leading you to be a member of the Vanguard. There will be a question posed during your initiation, and one of the questions will be about the motto of the Vanguard. Answering with Supra et Ultra will impress the examiner.

Once you have joined the Vanguard and made sure to memorize and implement their motto, you can operate as one of their elite force in Starfield. Make sure you go above and beyond, though; when you’re working for the Vanguard, you’re expected to go ultra your supra until you can’t supra no more. I don’t know, I studied English, not Latin.

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