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What happens if you leave the Final Shape Campaign Early in Destiny 2? Consequences, explained

The Final Shape is cinema, and Bungie wants you SAT.

Taking a break from Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s Campaign to quickly claim an engram? Perhaps to pick up a few Bounties? If so, you’ll be slapped with a big ol’ warning advising you to return to the Pale Heart. But what happens if you leave the Campaign early in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

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Leaving The Final Shape Campaign – What happens if you leave The Pale Heart early?

Leaving The Final Shape Campaign Error Destiny 2
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Traveling to a different destination while playing Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s Campaign for the first time causes the following message to appear: “RETURN TO THE PALE HEART. Attention: The Final Shape Campaign is structured as a full end-to-end narrative. For the best experience, we recommend completing the campaign missions before playing other activities.”

As alarming as this might seem, you’ll be glad to know that Guardians can leave the Pale Heart destination and take a break from the Final Shape Campaign with no consequences.

The reason the “RETURN TO THE PALE HEART” warning appears is because The Final Shape is cinematically designed as a totally linear experience. Unlike previous Destiny 2 campaigns, our Guardian isn’t canonically hopping from planet to planet between missions.

While you may break your immersion of being stuck in a paracausal realm with the entire weight of the universe on your shoulders, you’re entirely free to travel wherever you like during the Campaign. Go pick up that Bounty or Tesselation Catalyst from the Tower if you feel like it; the Pale Heart is ready when you are.

That said, I recommend playing through the entire The Final Shape campaign before jumping into other Activities or working on your Pathfinder. TFS is a cinematic treat, and preserving the developers’ intended pacing absolutely makes for a better experience. It’s not often you get to conclude a story ten years in the making quite like this.

If you are looking for a break from finishing the fight, check out our guide on earning fast reputation with Rahool for those juicy TFS Exotic armor pieces, such as Speaker’s Sight. Eyes up, Guardian.

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