When will the rest of crafting release in Warhammer 40K: Darktide?

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The final release of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide contains an overhauled crafting system for players to tinker around with. You access the game’s crafting features through the Shrine of the Omnissiah located within the Mourningstar hub area. This crafting station lets you use the Consecration feature, which can imbue weapons and curios with increased effectiveness and random Perks and Blessings. Notably, however, Consecration serves as the only crafting feature currently available to players, with the other four locked behind an “Open Soon” notification. So when can players expect to see the remaining crafting mechanics in Darktide?

In a Steam update posted last month, developer Fatshark informed players that it will gradually release these four remaining crafting features over the course of December. Another Steam update posted last week stated that the crafting system will receive the “Refine item” feature as part of the upcoming community update on December 14. This feature will let players “replace one Perk on a Curio or a Weapon.” As of right now, Fatshark has not provided any concrete release dates for the remaining three features. Fatshark could very well extend the overall release timeline beyond the end of December, but for now, the studio plans on implementing all of the crafting features by then.

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Despite the crafting system’s currently unfinished state, Fatshark wants it to serve as “a central pillar of progression” in Darktide. The developers aimed to make several improvements to the crafting system found in the VermintideĀ installments so that the newfound focus on the feature would feel justified. Notably, the developers wanted to avoid an overreliance on randomization and repetition when designing this crafting system. This means that players can more effectively plan and strategize their crafting choices to cater to their playstyles.

Whenever Fatshark finishes the crafting system in Darktide, players will have plenty of options to consider when preparing the ultimate weapon. Many players will likely consider it strange that Fatshark withheld so much of the crafting system at launch. But if this extra development time spent on crafting results in a better experience for players, then many probably won’t be bothered too much in the end.

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