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Where to find a Trinity Key in Lies of P

Riddle me this, Pinocchio!

Like any Soulslike worth its salt, Lies of P is packed to the brim with secrets and hidden items. Some of these are locked away behind curious, triangle-emblazoned doors, requiring the use of items called Trinity Keys to access. These aren’t acquired in the same way as most items in the game, so you may be scratching your wooden head about tracking them down. If you are, then read on to learn where to find a Trinity Key in Lies of P.

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How to get a Trinity Key in Lies of P

To get your hands on a Trinity Key, you’ll need to answer a riddle from Arlecchino, the self-appointed King of Riddles. You won’t encounter him in person, but you can access him via the telephones you’ll find scattered around Krat. These are fairly easy to miss in the environment, so keep an ear out for a ringing sound to make tracking them down easier. The first one can be found next to the bridge in front of the Venigni Works.

Once you’ve found a telephone, interact with it to enjoy some of Arlecchino’s quirky dialogue, and then you’ll be posed with a riddle. These are presented in the same way as the Truth/Lie decisions you’ll encounter elsewhere, and even carry the same consequences for answering correctly, since doing so implies a level of sentience above that of a normal puppet.

If you answer Arlecchino’s riddle correctly, you’ll be rewarded with a Trinity Key, which can then be used to open one of the triangle-marked doors you’ll find on your journey. The first riddle, which he’ll pose to you outside the Venigni Works, is the classic ‘four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, three legs in the evening’ riddle that the Sphinx posed to Oedipus, but they grow more and more fiendish as you progress.

And that’s that: a full guide on where to find a Trinity Key in Lies of P. The rewards hidden behind the doors these keys unlock are well worth discovering, meaning it’s well worth your time to take on Arlecchino’s riddles wherever you find them.

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