Where to find Brimshine in Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Brimshine

Horizon: Forbidden West has many features at its core, which all seamlessly weave into one another. Whether that’s the open world itself lending its hand to the game’s many traversal mechanics, or the crafting system making the looting side of the game feel rewarding. Speaking of the crafting system and the loot that goes into it, one of the things you’re going to need to do is upgrade and trade with vendors to claim new weapons that can aid you in the fight against the ferocious mechs of the Forbidden West.

In the Burning Shores DLC, a new material has been added to the game, Brimshine. You can use this material for trading with vendors in Fleet’s End, for example, and is obtainable by finding it in the open world. Here’s our guide on where to find Brimshine in Horizon: Forbidden West.

Where to find Brimshine in Horizon: Forbidden West

Finding Brimshine in Horizon: Forbidden West can be solved with two methods: creating a job, or using your Focus. Brimstone is everywhere in the open world, and you can only find in the Burning Shores area. While it is a little hard to find, it becomes a lot easier when you know these tricks to find it.

One trick you can use to find Brimshine in Horizon: Forbidden West is simply creating a job for it. You can do this by going to an item that needs Brimshine at a vendor and pressing the Triangle button. When it prompts you to make this your active quest, do so, as it then highlights Brimshine on your map, giving you an exact location for you to hunt for this material. Once you get the Brimshine from one marker, it also marks more for you after that, meaning you can get all the Brimshine you would ever need.

Horizon Forbidden West Brimshine Where To Find

Here’s the message you receive after you find your first Brimshine in Horizon: Forbidden West. Screenshot by PC Invasion

The other trick you can do to help you find Brimshine is to use your Focus. Your Focus scanning mode shows purple triangles for interactable and lootable items, which means you can use this in coordination with the first tip to find the Brimshine’s exact location.

Horizon: Forbidden West is available for purchase from the PlayStation Store.

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