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Where to find the Pearl on Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth


When you visit Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you’ll find yourself taking advantage of a whole new set of resources. Some resources are especially useful, so here is a guide telling you where to find the Pearl on Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – where to find the Pearl on Dondoko Island

There are 23 items in the Collectible section of your Dokopedia, including the Pearl. Knowing that doesn’t tell you where to find the item, however. To find the Pearl on Dondoko Island, check Gachapin Beach and the Lake.

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The Pearl is a more useful component than most. You need 10 Pearls to craft outdoor furnishings such as the Fountain or Fukupi-chan, and even some structures such as the Traditional Japanese Building. Additionally, you can give a Pearl as a gift to Risa Unai, one of your prestigious guests.

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When I first began exploring Dondoko Island and saw references to the Pearl begin appearing, I couldn’t find one. I assumed it must be locked away in one of the island’s more remote areas. Fortunately, I was wrong. Although the Pearl isn’t super common, you can find it along Gachapin Beach. That destination is available right near the very start, along the island’s east side. Dig in the sand along the water. It shows up most often in the little alcove along the beach’s south end.

Once you unlock additional portions of the island, you can eventually visit the Lake. This little island includes a cabin and a pond, essentially. Sometimes, you can get a Pearl from the pond. It’s a good place to check if you are trying to gather that collectible.

Like A Dragon Dondoko Island Love N Peace Beach
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When you spend enough time on Dondoko Island to unlock the Dondoko Farm, you will find plentiful resources on a nearby island. The Pearl frequently appears in the Love ‘n’ Peace Beach area, which is below the higher cliff where the Sujimon Battles with invading animals sometimes occur. By that point, you likely don’t have the same need to find pearls, but it’s an option to keep in mind.

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