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Where to get the Empty Cough Drop Tin in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Recycling is good.

Some of the finest weapons your characters can acquire in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth must be forged, which requires you to gather rare materials. Here is our guide telling you where to get the especially useful Empty Cough Drop Tin in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – where to get the Empty Cough Drop Tin

A lot of high-level weapons you can craft at Julie’s Gearworks require you to supply an Empty Cough Drop Tin, along with other more common components and plenty of cash. For example, the tin is a necessary component if you wish to make the True Legendary Hero’s Bat. The same is true for numerous other 6-star and 7-star weapons. Unfortunately, the best place to find the Empty Cough Drop Tin is very late in the game, at the Yokohama Underground Exchange.

Empty Cough Drop Tin
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The Yokohama Underground Exchange is available once you progress the story campaign to a certain point in Chapter 10. Then you meet a character named Utamaru, who helps facilitate runs into a randomly generated dungeon in Yokohama. It’s similar to the Hawaii Haunt location in Hawaii.

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As you acquire Geomijul’s Survey Data disks, you can exchange them for rewards. Every Empty Cough Drop Tin costs 2,000 disks, which isn’t terribly expensive. You should get enough disks for a couple of tins after each run through the more advanced dungeons.

Although the Yokohama Underground Exchange is the best place to reliably secure the Empty Cough Drop Tin, you can also find it elsewhere on rare occasions. Some powerful enemies very late in the game may drop it as loot. I also found one while visiting a particular plot-related destination near the end of Chapter 12.

You’ll see weapons listed on menus starting fairly early in your adventure. Given the stat improvements they provide, you may wish to craft them much earlier than the necessary components are available. At least for now, you’ll just have to wait.

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