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Where to find the Scroll of the Elder and Cloth of the Old Woman in Blasphemous 2

A soup-supping sidequest for the ages.

Blasphemous 2 is packed with interesting sidequests, but one of the most notable is the saga of Trifón and Cástula, the two sinister siblings found casually eating their dinner in the heart of the monster-infested Palace of the Embroideries. Both will reward you with a useful Remembrance item in return for an artifact related to their sibling, either the Scroll of the Elder or the Cloth of the Old Woman, and in this guide we’ll show you where you can find both of them in Blasphemous 2.

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How to locate the Scroll of the Elder and Cloth of the old Woman in Blasphemous 2

You’ll encounter Trifón and Cástula in the pictured room in the Palace of the Embroideries, but you’ll only ever be able to speak to one of them at a time. Each time you enter their room, one of them will be slumped over the table, seemingly dead, while the other is available to talk to. Both will complain about their sibling’s lack of manners, before asking you to track down an item: the Cloth of the Old Woman for Trifón, and the Scroll of the Elder for Cástula. It’s worth noting that you only need to find one of these items to complete their sidequest, but we’ll cover the locations of both anyway.

Scroll of the Elder location

You’ll find the Scroll of the Elder in the Crown of Towers area, not far from the start of the area. From the first Prie Dieu, head right until you reach the platforms arranged like a set of stairs. Jump your way up to the top, and you’ll find an interactable statue. Interact with it, and the platforms will rise, giving you a brief window to hop back over them to the left, and jump up to grab the wall with Ivy of Ascension. From here, watch out for the circling fireball as you climb up to the platform above, where you’ll find the Scroll of the Elder.

Cloth of the Old Woman location

The Cloth of the Old Woman can be found in the pictured room in the Sacred Entombments. After entering the room from the bottom-left, hit the bell with the Veredicto, then make your way right across the screen using the platforms that appear. Over on the right, hit the second bell, then jump back over to the left on the second set of platforms. You’ll find the Cloth of the Old Woman on the platform at the end of this sequence.


Once you’ve found one of these two items, return to the room with Trifón and Cástula in the Palace of the Embroideries. If the item you’ve found doesn’t match up with the sibling currently alive when you enter, just leave and try again until it does. Once they line up, speak to the sibling and give them their requested item, and you’ll hear the end of their somber tale. You’ll then be rewarded with one of two Key Items: the Remembrance of Trifón if you delivered the Scroll of the Elder, or the Remembrance of Cástula if you delivered the Cloth of the Old Woman. While you can only acquire one of these Remembrances through this quest, whichever one you didn’t get will become available to purchase at the Forlorn Pario for 6000 Tears of Atonement once the quest is complete, so don’t worry about missing out.

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These Remembrances can be traded in at Montañés or Venerada for the Trifón or Cástula Statues, respectively. The former increases your damage when your health is low, while the latter increases your damage when your Guilt level is low. There’s also a sneaky hidden achievement, called ‘Two Old Ones Eating Soup’, which you can unlock by equipping both the Trifón and Cástula Statues in the same pair of slots, facing each other.

And that’s that: a full guide on where to find the Scroll of the Elder and Cloth of the Old Woman in Blasphemous 2, as well as what can be done with them once you do. Both of the Statues you get from this sidequest are useful in combat, and Trifón even plays a role in one of the powerful Resonances available in the game, so it’s well worth doing during your playthrough.

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